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What every business needs to know about product positioning and product channels for online distribution

17 Distribution Channels

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Highly targeted

Placebase makes sure that your online marketing campaign is highly targeted, and is focused on your audience.

Product Placement Options

It lets you evaluate your placement options and helps you enhance the overall marketing campaign.

Meet and Exceed Your Revenue Goals

When you apply the principles discussed in Placebase, you will not just meet your revenue goals, but you might also exceed them.

Get better rankings

With better rankings, you can build brand awareness and bypass your competition.

Get Measurable Results

Don’t take our word for it. Try Placebase strategies and get measurable key indicators such as site statistics.


Available as Kindele & Paperback


Online Distribution Categories


Satisfied Customers


Distribution Channels

Without clients, businesses do not have a business

To gain clients, businesses must reach individuals and other businesses through a careful analysis of the demographics of their target customer base and then use a marketing strategy based upon this information.

This eBook will show you how to effectively market your business through different categories of Online Distribution Channels to reach customers and clientele looking for specific products and services. By applying the core principles of these Online Distribution Channels, you will be in a better position to obtain your business revenue goals including:

  • Increasing sales and revenue by positioning your products and/or services through the most effective Online Distribution Channels
  • Capitalizing on the advantages of Online Distribution Channels like websites, newsletters, online press releases, and social media platforms.
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    The 17 Key Online Channels Every Business Needs

    Finding hidden sources of traffic and growing your business with sales is the goal of every entrepreneur and business owner. How much market share are you missing from your target demographic?

    PlaceBase is a comprehensive book that walks you through up to 17 diverse online product distribution channels designed to help you find undiscovered pockets of traffic you may have never considered. Each channel is discussed in detail giving you the guidance you need to build the online marketing campaign which is perfect for your unique business.

    Apply the core principles you find in this book to meet and exceed your revenue goals while providing the confidence to make better marketing decisions.

    About the author

    Why I wrote this book

    I understand that most startups are looking for a guidance to become successful in their industry. As an entrepreneur, you need more visibility for your product or service. This comprehensive book allows you to explore your strength and find out your weaknesses in the online marketing world. The aim of the book is to discover some hidden traffic sources and to gain new customers from these sources.

    I have seen many entrepreneurs who want guidance and have no idea where to look for it. I want to help them by sharing my experiences and tit bits of knowledge. I am trying to help as many businesses as I can, to identify the best production channels and distribution paths for their products. Every entrepreneur has some ideal channels for their products, and all they need to do is to find them.

    Nikolay Tzonev

    Nikolay Tzonev

    Book Author View Details
    Nikolay Tzonev

    Nikolay Tzonev

    Book Author

    My name is Nikolay Tzonev and I’m a project manager and business consultant for more than seven years. For all these years, I have worked on several projects, including marketing, business development, product distribution, eCommerce, and distribution channels.

    I have worked with many global companies and gained rich experience from B2B and B2C projects. I have helped my clients develop immaculate product placement strategies that would help build their brand awareness. I have my own startup and I help other startups reach their target audience.

    I help entrepreneurs have higher conversion rates by reaching out to their target customers and building their brand value.


    Why you should read it

    If you’re an entrepreneur with a startup and are looking for quality traffic and more clients, this book is meant for you. My aim is to help them discover new channels of marketing and how to make the present ones faster.

    PlaceBase is a comprehensive book that guides you and helps you through 17 diverse online product distribution channels designed to help you find undiscovered traffic sources you may have never considered. Each channel is discussed in detail, giving you the guidance you need to build the online marketing campaign, which is perfect for your unique business.

    You can apply the principles discussed in the book to meet or exceed your revenue goals, and make better marketing decisions.

    Multi channel marketing is not only effective, but remains the strategy of choice for forward thinking businesses who strive for increased revenues. Once you apply the principles found in PlaceBase, business owners and solopreneurs can finally experience the breakthroughs in sales and profitability they have been looking for.

    Evaluate your product placement options to enhance your overall marketing campaign, and learn why some channels are inherently more powerful than the others.

    What other say about the book

    Hear what others have to say about Placebase

    Great guide to online distribution


    I have been a full time online marketer for quite a few years now and have just recently moved into selling some actual products, whether my own or through drop shipping. This has necessitated that I take a closer look at online distribution channels and I haven’t found a better guide to this than author Nikolay Tzonev’s “Placebase”. A detailed and thorough look at the many avenues available to advertise and market products, and/or services, on the web. Tzonev goes through them all in detail, such as websites, social media, and mobile marketing, just to name a few. There is great information here and I now have a go to resource for my online business.


    It's really making a difference!!


    When I started my online business, I had no idea what I would need to do in order to, not just have my site available online, but to also actually get people to go to the site and use it! There just wasn’t enough exposure, and I was beginning to worry that my expenses were soon going to catch up with profits if we didn’t get more traffic. So, I bought this book, and within a few weeks, by just following the advice of the author, my traffic is already going up! I figured out how to best target my audience, and just that brought in multiple new orders! I was so excited I couldn’t even believe it! Now I’m working on the “hidden ways” to get more traffic, and my numbers just keep going up and up. This book has been invaluable to me and my online business! I’m so incredibly thankful!



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